Respro SP40 Syringe Pump With 1 Year Warranty CE Certified

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The performance advantages of this syringe pump:
1. Mold production, good consistency, injection accuracy up to +-2%;
2. Four modes of work, six units of administration;
3. With Anti-Bolus function, release pressure automatically after blocking alarm occurs;
4. The third-stage blocking pressure alarm meets the pressure requirements of different drugs and improves the safety of clinical use;
5. Keyboard lock function to prevent misuse and higher security.

Second, the SP40 Syringe Pump is very convenient in use:
1. It can automatically identify the syringe specification, and it can be applied to different brands of syringes;
2. The pump body comes with a connection device, more than one arbitrary combination, flexible, convenient and practical;
3. Press and shuttle keys two operating modes to meet the different users' habits;
4 large LCD screen, adjustable backlight intensity, personalized settings based on light intensity.

Various alarm functions:
Blocking alarm, syringe falling off alarm, near completion alarm, injection complete alarm, undervoltage alarm, battery exhaustion alarm, AC power down alarm, motor abnormal alarm, operation forget alarm, opening and closing alarm, syringe push rod installation error alarm.

Other functions:
Infusion set automatic identification, pre-charging function, cumulant display, blocking pressure release function, mute function, speed over-range control, AC-DC automatic switching, residual prompt, memory function

SP40 syringe pump
Syringe Size
10, 20, 30, 50 ml
Applicable Syringe
2 brands built-in (BD, B. Braun), 10 brands for user-defined
0.1- 9999 ml
<1000 ml in 0.1 ml increments
≥1000 mL in 1 ml increments
Flow Rate
Syringe 10 ml: 0.1- 400 ml/h
Syringe 20 ml: 0.1- 600 ml/h
Syringe 30 ml: 0.1- 900 ml/h
Syringe 50 ml: 0.1-1300 ml/h
<100 ml/h in 0.1 ml/h increments or decrements
≥100l/h in 1 ml/h increments or decrements
Bolus Rate
Syringe 10 ml: 400 ml/h
Syringe 20 ml: 600 ml/h
Syringe 30 ml: 900 ml/h
Syringe 50 ml: 1300 ml/h
Infusion Mode
Flow rate: ml/min, ml/h
Body weight: mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min, ug/kg/h
KVO Rate
0.1 -1ml/h in 0.1 ml/h increments or decrements, adjustable
Occlusion, syringe drop off, near empty, end program, low pressure, end battery, AC power off, motor malfunction, unattended pump, syringe moved accidently, pressure sensor error
Additional Features
Syringe identification, bolus, real-time shift totals, occlusion pressure release, mute, automatic power switching, residue reminder, system memory
Occlusion Sensitivity
High: 0.02-0.06 Mpa
Medium: 0.06-0.09 Mpa
Low: 0.09-0.12 MPa
Power Supply, AC
110/230 V (optional), 50/60 Hz, 20 VA
9.6 ±1.6 V, rechargeable
Battery Life
5 hours at 5 ml/h
Working Temperature
Relative Humidity
Atmospheric Pressure
860-1060 hpa
314*167*140 mm
2.5 kg
Safety Classification
Class Ⅰ, type C
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